Cosplayer Interviews: Jake Queja From The Philippines

One of the most unforgettable experiences a cosplayer could ever have are their the first few months. Enter Jake Queja. This cosplay rookie is just one of the recent additions to the cosplaying community in the city of Cagayan de Oro and he tells us his cosplay firsts in this Asgard interview!

Asgard: When did your interest in cosplay begin?

Jake: It started in our circle as just some talks for an Umineko cosplay group at first since November 2010. Keep Reading

Cosplayer Interviews: Chinkie Banquerigo From The Philippines

chinkee konanAsgard Cosplayer Interviews comes back with a bang! Under this week’s cosplay microscope is ultra spunky cosplayer, Chinkie Banquerigo. This versatile cosplayer talks to Asgard about how cosplaying brought the best out of her.

Asgard: How and when did your cosplay chronicles begin?

Chinkie: I first started cosplaying last Nov.13,2010 as Konan from Naruto Shippuden. I got interested with the cosplaying thing when me and my friend Lowee were talking about anime. Keep Reading

Cosplay Help: Asgard Cosplaying Tips with Veronica Nicole Edmilao

nika - cosplaying tipsThe best thing about being a cosplayer is that everyone is willing to help out. Online otaku shop owner and cosplayer Veronica Nicole “Knaix” Edmilao answers 5 quick questions that are frequently asked by newbies needing some cosplay help.

A: Let’s say I’m new to cosplaying. How can a person tell if an online shop is honest?

K: Trust is very important on the internet, and so is networking. Let’s first tackle the former. Keep Reading

Shoko Nakagawa Lends Her Voice In Saint Seiya Omega

Shoko NakagawaFamous Japanese celebrity, Shoko Nakagawa, was chosen to be part of a team of talented voice actors in the anime Saint Seiya Omega. In the latest Saint Seiya anime, Nakagawa takes on the role of Saori Kido. Kido is the reincarnation of the goddess Athena, as well as the foster mother of the main character, Kouga.

Nakagawa, 26, is no stranger to anime and otaku culture. Best known for hosting weekend Pokemon show “Pokemon Sunday”, this Super Sentai fan also loves to cosplay and has cosplayed characters from Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Final Fantasy and even Dragon Ball. Keep Reading

Cosplayer Interviews: Aaron Kit Arcay From The Philippines

kit - iron man 2

Aaron Kit Arcay is Cagayan de Oro City’s very own Iron Man. Though not a billionaire playboy, Kit is a down-to-earth person and a real hero in his own way.

This one of a kind cosplayer, with his perfectly detailed version of the Mark 6, awes the audience with his craftsmanship, creativity and flair. This is one Asgard interview you shouldn’t miss reading!


Asgard: Of all the super heroes on the face of this planet, why Iron Man? Keep Reading

Cosplayer Interviews: Mohren Busgano From The Philippines

Mohren as Kaai Yuki from Vocaloid

14-year-old Mohren Busgano is nothing short of talent. This young artistic cosplayer can play 3 different musical instruments as well as draw accurate takes anime and manga.

Learn more about Morhen from this Asgard interview!

Asgard: I think you’re one of the cosplayers we’ve personally met that started at a very young age. What attracted you to cosplaying and how old were you when you first started out?

Mohren: I started cosplaying last year when I was 13. Keep Reading

Cosplayer Interviews: Claro Alberto Capinpuyan VI From The Philippines

Capz as Daiki Kaito from Kamen Rider Diend

Claro Alberto Capinpuyan VI. Tall. Silent. Easily irritated. Someone who would rather sit on a corner and play the guitar or doodle on a piece of paper.

But beneath all that cool exterior is a fun-loving guy who enjoys the company of great friends and good laughs. “Capz” talks to Asgard about how anime became a huge part of his life.


Asgard: When did your love for anime start?

Capz: The first anime I saw was Dragonball Z. Keep Reading