Hatsune Miku Cosplay Tutorial: Step-By-Step

The Hatsune Miku Cosplay GuideVocaloid (ボーカロイド) princess Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) is definitely one of the most popular cosplay choices the world has ever known.

I had the Miku fever once as Miku was part of my original must-cosplay list. Here’s another Asgard Anime How to Cosplay guide featuring the world famous singing sensation!


There have been a lot of misconceptions about Hatsune Miku and the rest of the Vocaloid. People often associate them with anime as they have the look that could easily link them with it. Keep Reading

Helghast Cosplay Guide (Killzone): Step-By-Step

helghast-cosplayLadies and gentlemen, we are on a roll! Under the Asgard Anime How to Cosplay spotlight is The Helghast from the videogame series, Killzone.

Let’s not keep you guys waiting so let’s dive right in on enemy lines and become a member of the Helghast.

I. KNOW YOUR CHARACTER 1. Quick Background

The Helghast have been the antagonists throughout the Killzone series. Lead by Scolar Visari, the Helghans believe that they are superior to the human race and should be their ruler. Keep Reading

cosplaying Boa

Boa Hancock Cosplay Tutorial (One Piece): Step-By-Step

cosplaying BoaAsgard Anime is back with another Cosplay Tutorial and this time we’re featuring one of the hottest ladies in the One Piece (ワンピース) universe, Boa Hancock (ボア・ハンコック).

So sit back, relax and learn how you can become Boa Hancock with this tutorial guide!

I. KNOW YOUR CHARACTER 1. Quick Background

Ready to cosplay Boa? Let’s get to know her first!

Boa Hancock is the Snake Princess hailing from Amazon Lily (アマゾン・リリー) and is the one and only female member of the powerful Royal Shichibukai (王下七武海). Keep Reading

Cosplay Mania ’14 Evolution Ready To Take Off To Greater Heights


Cosplay Mania 2014

Cosplayers of the Philippines, ARE. YOU. READY?! The biggest cosplay event in the country is coming on fast wings and Cosplay.PH is putting up a line up of activities that’s bound to make another awesome mark in cosplay history! With the Cosplay Tournament of Champions 5 (TorCH 5) well underway and raking in talented teams that hail from key locations in the Philippines, Cosplay Mania ’14 is nearing its 100% completion. Keep Reading

Cosplay Tournament Of Champions 5 Takes The Philippines By Storm


You can bet on it that we at Asgard Anime just can’t keep ourselves together over the highly anticipated cosplay event of the year! With the Cosplay Tournament of Champions 5 World Class well under way, cosplay teams from hailing from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao are slowly but surely making their way to the top with the finals to be held at Cosplay Mania ’14. TorCH 5 competitions in Bicol, Cebu and Cavite have already been completed and the following teams have represented these major areas respectively: Team Anime Core, Team Just-Kyn And The Extra and Whattah Team. Keep Reading

Teenage Comic Con Cosplayer Sustains Massive Injuries In A 6 Feet Fall

San Diego Comic ConCosplay photographer Justin “Stuntman Justin” Kalior was arrested in the San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina hotel on July 27 after police have found a connection between the photographer and a 17-year-old cosplayer who was discovered in the hotel’s pool area, bloody and unconscious. The victim, whose name has been kept private to protect her privacy, has survived the incident but is still hospitalized. While this important piece of evidence is vital, it still does not change the degree of Kalior’s charge. Keep Reading

Movic Releases Official Kill La Kill Cosplay Costume

kill la kill costumeIf you’re planning to go as Kill La Kill’s (キルラキル) totally badass protagonist, Ryuko Matoi (纏 流子), then Japanese company Movic (ムービック) has definitely got you covered! The latest addition to Movic’s ACOS line is the official Ryuko Matoi Senketsu (鮮血) costume. Now you have your very own Senketsu to have and to hold forever without having to drain you of your blood!

Movic’s Senketsu comes with the following: a top complete with Senketsu’s eye and eyepatch, skirt, red tie. Keep Reading