Jeffrey Albertson Marries Manga Artist In An Upcoming The Simpsons Episode

The Winter 2013 anime line-up won’t be the only after word of this news reaches you. Whether if you’re an avid fan of FOX’s longest-running adult cartoon, The Simpsons, knowing that their very own Comic Book Guy is marrying a manga artist will be enough to catch your attention.

According to FOX, Episode 10 of Season 25 highlights Jeffrey Albertson, Springfield’s very own Comic Book Guy. While he worries that his comic books are nothing without someone to share it with, a Japanese girl named Kumiko. Keep Reading

Free Comic Book Day 2013 Celebrates 11 Years Of Free Comics

free comic book dayFree Comic Book Day is a day where all comic book fans unite and rejoice for participating comic book shops and book stores hand out free comic books. Free Comic Book Day is already on its 11th year and things just got better and better. Although Free Comic Book Day is predominantly celebrated in the United States, its fame also reached out around the world.

Viz Media participated in this annual event by giving out free previews of Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration and It’s An Ugly Doll comics. Keep Reading

“The Dark Knight” Shooting Incident In Colorado Considered One Of Worst US Massacres

the dark knight risesEverything went horribly wrong during the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado. A short moment after gas was leaked in screen 9 of the Colorado movie theater, gun shots were heard. The theater was in complete pandemonium; movie goers were running, screaming and crying. Everyone was heading immediately for the nearest exits. After the terrifying event, over 50 people were terribly injured while 12 people died, including a 6-year-old child. Keep Reading

The Amazing Spider Man Hops From 3D Movie Theaters Into Real Life In Chibi Form

spider man 2“My Spider Sense is tingling!”

Spider Man fans this is for you! The Good Smile Company, who provides the world with the most adorable Nendoroids now gives us the Amazing Spider Man!

Peter Parker, in his ultra detailed Spider Man costume, has been super deformed and now stands at a Nendoroid size. The Spider Man Nendoroid has been specially made: it was first sculpted using the standard material used for making Nendoroids. Keep Reading

Marvel VS Capcom: Official Complete Works Released By UDON Entertainment

marvel vs capcomHardcore gamers and comic book fans are in for a treat with the latest UDON Entertainment offering!

Marvel VS Capcom: Official Complete Works is a compilation of every art work made in the history of the Marvel VS Capcom video game series. This special art book nearly took 20 years for it to come into completion. This feast for the eyes art collection will include official art and sketches starting from the 1993 The Punisher game up to the latest game, the Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. Keep Reading

Black Jack Returns With A Contest

Black Jack

The legendary Osamu Tezuka’s medical manga, Black Jack, returns this year with a big bang. Weekly Shonen Champion recently announced that the manga will be featuring medical stories that have been experienced first hand by the readers.

For those unfamiliar with the manga, Black Jack is a brilliant doctor who lends his talents only to those who have the largest amount of money to offer. His ominous appearance and cold, calculating character doesn’t make him popular in the public eye. Keep Reading

Hunter x Hunter Back On Track?

Weekly Shonen Jump manga Hunter x Hunter has recently reached a new record in continuous serialization. As of 2012 issue #8, scheduled to go on sale January 23rd, the manga has been serialized in WSJ for 22 consecutive issues (starting with 2011 issue #35-36, which was put on sale August 8th, 2011).

This is the longest Hunter x Hunter has been published continuously since its original serialization in 1998. While very well received, Hunter x Hunter has yet to reach the level of fame as other series serialized around the same time (such as One Piece, 1997, and Naruto, 1999) because of its constant hiatuses, the longest of which lasted 79 issues, from February 2006 until October 2007. Keep Reading