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nika - cosplaying tipsThe best thing about being a cosplayer is that everyone is willing to help out. Online otaku shop owner and cosplayer Veronica Nicole “Knaix” Edmilao answers 5 quick questions that are frequently asked by newbies needing some cosplay help.

A: Let’s say I’m new to cosplaying. How can a person tell if an online shop is honest?

K: Trust is very important on the internet, and so is networking. Let’s first tackle the former. Trust can be very difficult to deal with especially if you’re extremely new to cosplay and online shopping. Therefore, I’d like to believe in the possibility of risk. You are risking your money and trust with your seller. You also have to keep in mind that you’ve got to make sure that your seller is LEGIT. You can do this by asking for more details and working on your networking skills (we talk about that later) because if you don’t, then you take part of the blame, because like I said, online shopping is a RISK. You’ve got to trust your buyer to make the transaction complete.

Next is the networking process. Networking involves expanding your circle of friends. Who knows? Your cosplay friends may be the one to help you pin point good shops as well as know whether or not they are legit. Also, getting to know people who have experience in buying and selling online can help because you don’t have to do all your research, Q&A is just a text/PM away.


A: When buying second hand costumes online for emergency cosplay events, what information should a buyer bear in mind?

K: Measurements and the condition! Always remember that no matter what the person says, you must keep in mind that it’s already pre-loved (second hand) and you cannot just return it if it doesn’t fit or is not of good quality. Although yes, you can haggle and try to come up with a desired price, but it’s always good to be a wise cosplayer and figure out quality first before laying down your money on the table.


A: How do you choose the right second hand wigs?

K: I don’t think there is a “right” way to check because we’ll never know the true condition of second hand wigs. But I guess asking for pictures of the wigs at present will help.


A: Do bargain shops bring great help to cosplayers? How do you choose the right materials found sold in such places?

K: I’m not that familliar honestly because I only go to bagain shops for boot/shoes. Other than that ther are small items found at toy shops. But I guess they do help. I know of some people who take interest in that aspect in cosplay.They have been successful so far.


A: For those cosplayers who would like to have their costumes prepared before the event, which is a better option: to have their costume made by a tailor somewhere around town or ordering one online?

K: I have two different answers for that. The other one involves a more personal perspective. But just like I mentioned in question number 1, you need to be able to risk and network. Some shops online make good quality. It’s all a matter of which “works for you/me”. Personally, I usually have my tailor do it. But what’ll happen if that tailor disappears? Will you stop cosplay? So I take online shops as an option too. There’s also option three where in you learn to sew and make your own costumes. That is after all, how cosplay is supposed to be.

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