Asgard Cosplayer Interviews: Nikolais Macababayao From The Philippines

Nikolais as Heiwajima Shizuo from Durarara

This week’s Asgard Cosplayer Interviews highlights Nikolais Macababayao. A full blooded Filipino born and raised in the United States, Nikolais’s westernized flair gives him a hard yet elegant edge in cosplaying Heiwajima Shizuo from Durarara!! This Bruce Lee loyalist talks to Asgard about his passion in anime and cosplaying.


Asgard: Growing up, have you always been a huge fan of anime?

Nikolais: Well, yes I have because anime is one of my favorite things to watch aside from shows like Family Guy and Cartoon Network shows. Keep Reading

Cosplayer Interviews: Kimiko Shinju From The Philippines

Kimiko Shinju as Rinoa Heartilly

Nothing screams kawaii like Kimiko Shinju. Warm and very friendly, this graceful young lady is a huge fan of Hatsune Miku and Asgard takes a few minutes off her busy schedule to talk to us about cosplaying.

Asgard: We can see that you’re crazy over Hatsune Miku. how did this start?

Kimiko: Well, it started when I cosplayed Snow Miku. After that i thought of cosplaying her original form but in a different version. Keep Reading

Cosplayer Interviews: Steve Flores From The Philippines

Steve Alan Dutch Schaefer Alien VS Predator

For someone who’s big, tall and oozing with manliness, perpetually optimistic cosplayer Steve Flores is seen almost always smiling and has a lot of good cheer to spread.

Here’s an interview that shows that even the toughest man alive can be a softie on the inside.


Asgard: Everyone cosplayer has their story of how they got into cosplaying, tell us yours.

Steve: Well, it all began when a friend told me about a “cosplay” during our school’s foundation day. Keep Reading

Cosplayer Interviews: Margs Pangilinan From The Philippines

Eponine as Elly Barton

Anime and writing is the perfect combination for Margs Pangilinan. As a student of Mass Communications and the managing editor of their college publication, The Blue Sash, this otaku blogger hones her communication skills in both speaking and writing while unleashing her sharp creativity on cosplaying.

Asgards takes these two and puts them together to form an interview with this one-of-a-kind cosplayer.


Asgard: You must be our first female armor cosplayer interrogated. Keep Reading

New GMA 7 Show Sends Cosplayers Into A Frenzy

iBilib host Isabelle Daza with Momoy PalaboyGiant Philippine television network, GMA has released a new TV show entitled “iBilib”. iBilib is an educational program that focuses on science and technology. Although the show aims to attract the audience, the promotional photos of the TV show attracted the different reactions of otakus and cosplayers.

Dressed up as Hatsune Miku, actress Isabelle Daza hosts the show along with renowned Filipino athlete Chris Tiu and the Momoy Palaboy pair. Cosplayers raged at how Hatsune Miku was portrayed. Keep Reading

Cameko Interviews: Lanz Chester Enterina From The Philippines

Lanz Chester Enterina

This week, Asgard takes a break from interviewing cosplayers and this time, interviewing the unsung heroes of cosplay events. Let’s face it, cosplayers make their huge breaks with photographs and they owe it to the people we know as “camekos”.

Although some camekos get bad raps, here’s a cameko who’s does things professionally. Enter Lanz Chester Enterina. Tall, smiling and a complete gentleman, Lanz is a cut above the rest.

Asgard: What got you interested in cosplay photography? Keep Reading

Cosplayer Interviews: Veronica Nicole Edmilao From The Philippines

Reino Akatsuki as The Golden And Endless Witch, Beatrice from Umineko

Loving sister, power cosplayer and young entrepreneur. Veronica Nicole “Knaix” Edmilao, also known by her cosplay stage name as Reiko Akatsuki, is a sweet, bubbly and charming young lady who made her mark forever on 2011’s Cosplay Tournament of Champion’s 2 (TorCH 2) as the Golden and Endless Witch, Beatrice from the anime Umineko No Naku Koro Ni. Let Knaix’s quick wit and charm bowl you over in this awesome interview. Keep Reading