Cosplayer Interviews: Xaga Rae From The Philippines

Xaga Rae donning the Acretia Power Core Set armor

Xaga Rae is one cosplayer in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines that has a burning passion for armored cosplay. Taking a few minutes off from his birthday party to answer quick questions, Xag lets his cheery personality loose.

Asgard: How did your interest in cosplay start?

Xaga: Well, it started because I was addicted to [online] games so I was inspired by the designs of ingame armors, especially Ragnarok.


A: What was your first armored cosplay and how long did it take for you to finish working on it? Keep Reading

Cosplayer Interviews: Kazuo & Rem Adelynne Roca From The Philippines

The couple that cosplays together, stays together. Love birds Rem Adelynne Roca (Hoshiko Hikari) and Kazuo Ryuhei are long time cosplayers from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines and are still making the fans scream in delight over their couple cosplays. They take a few minutes off their time to talk to Asgard about couple cosplays and everything in between.

Asgard: anime, cosplaying and manga is something you two share. tell us how you two met. Keep Reading

Mirai Suenaga Who?

Danny Choo's Mirai Suenaga

Who’s that buxom anime chick with the long brown hair with braids and clad in a school girl uniform? From what anime is she?

She has vast amounts of merchandise ranging from poseable figures to even her own curry flavor. Girls (and maybe some guys) cosplay her and even dolls dress up like her. So who is she and why is she so popular?

Those who aren’t familiar with Mirai Suenaga, as she is called, might confuse her with a lot of anime titles since she makes appearances so here’s the 101 on Mirai Suenaga. Keep Reading

Miharu Saruwatari as Zatsune Miku

Cosplayer Interviews: Miharu Saruwatari From The Philippines

Miharu Saruwatari as Zatsune MikuA tall, pretty girl loaded with spunk, Miharu Saruwatari* is one of the cosplayers known locally in the city of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. She charmed the socks off the men with her Zatsune Miku costume and scared the bujeezus off people with her Bubble Head Maid attire. We were able to snag a few minutes of her time for this interview.

*Cosplay Stage Name

Asgard: When did you first hear about cosplay and what made you decide to join? Keep Reading