Itazura Na Kiss ~Love In Tokyo~ Live Action Returns With Season 2

01The hit 2013 live action adaptation for the world-renown manga Itazura Na Kiss will be returning with another dose of ~Love In Tokyo~ in their season 2. The official website has just announced that the television series has been granted with a new airing project and more details will be announced later. This is the show which launched two relevantly newcomers, Honoka Miki as Kotoko and Yuki Furukawa as Naoki.

While many have been skeptical by their fresh faces (and the almost-a-decade age gap between the two leads), many have received this show with warmth. Keep Reading

Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei Anime In The Works

03It has been revealed that an anime adaptation for Tsutomu Satou’s Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei (魔法科高校の劣等生, “The Irregular at Magic High School”) light novel is in the works. This information was revealed during the Dengeki Bunko Fall Festival this October. Alongside the surprise came along the staff for the project, including the director Manabu Ono who will be leading the creation at the Mad House Studio. Well-prepared, a PV was also screened during the event! Keep Reading

Noragami Cast Announced

01As seen in the November Issue of Kodansha’s Monthly Shonen Magazine, the cast for the upcoming anime adaptation of Adashitoka’s manga Noragami was announced as follows:

Hiroshi Kamiya as Yoto Maaya Uchida as Hiyori Iki Yuuki Kaji as Yukine Aki Toyosaki as Kofuku Asami Imai as Tomone (Mayu) Daisuke Ono as Daikoku Jun Fukuyama as Kazuma Mikako Komatsu as Mutsumi Miyuki Sawashiro as Bishamon

This is the same cast from the original drama CD which will be bundled along with volume 9 of the manga, scheduled to ship this December 17. Keep Reading

Gingitsune Promotional Ad Streamed

04The television channel for AT-X has recently streamed the new ad for the Sayori Ochiai’s Gingitsune (ぎんぎつね, Silver Fox) anime adaptation. The opening theme song for the anime “tiny lamp” was also previewed along with the video. Gingitsune is Ochiai’s fantasy slice of life series which depicts the life of a girl who can see a shrine’s messenger and trails after how these two can become a go-to between deities and humans. Keep Reading

Additional Cast for Robot Girls Z

05The production company for the upcoming January anime Robot Girls Z has revealed two additional voice actresses joining their slate of characters. Maaya Uchida and Minami Tsuda enters the cast of this Toei Animation and Dynamic Planning project.

Maaya Uchida plays the 14-year old Ge-chan, which is referenced to Go Nagai’s popular robot franchise Getter Robo. Ge-chan is spoiled and blunt, but she possesses a ton of firepower. Unfortunately, this pretty girl is a bit capricious, and soaks in extravagant praising in order to bring out her fullest potential. Keep Reading

Switch Girl Manga Series Ends with its 25th Volume

01On February 25, 2014 comes the final score for Natsumi Aida’s well-loved shoujo comic book, Switch Girl. The information was revealed in its 23rd compiled volume book, and the 24th volume will be shipped on January 24. Readers has been anticipating the coming of its final arc, as the 21st volume of the novel has revealed. Switch Girl has ranked as the 42nd best-selling manga locally in 2011. Aida was also listed as the 43rd best-selling manga creator by sales since 2010. Keep Reading

Man With a Mission Performs Log Horizon Theme

02NHK’s E-Tele-channel has aired the opening sequence to the up and coming anime Log Horizon, featuring the song from the band Man With a Mission. Titled “Database,” the song features TAKUMA of 10-FEET. Log Horizon (ログ・ホライズン) is a Japanese novel created by Mamare Touno. The series has been initially posted on the user-generated content site called Shōsetsuka ni Narō back in 2010 and was soon published by Enterbrain on 2011. Keep Reading