Mikakunin de Shinkōkei Characters & Teaser

11The official website for the upcoming gag television animation series Mikakunin de Shinkōkei (未確認で進行形, “Unconfirmed & In-Progress”) has begun streaming the project’s promotional video. The animation is adapted from Cherry Arai’s original four-panel manga that revolves around the character, Kobeni Yonomori.

On her 16th birthday, Kobeni encounters Hakuya Mitsumine, a young man who looks awkward with little presence, and his energetic little sister Mashiro. It turns out that Hakuya will be her fiancé and Mashiro will be her future sister in law. Keep Reading

Hamatora TV Anime Reveals Teaser And Characters

16Japan’s video streaming website Niconico has unveiled a new promotional video and cast members for the upcoming Hamatora anime, a “super-pwered mystery x battle entertainment” mixed media project. This was done during the Ohsaka, Hatano, Yasuno no TV Anime Hamatora Project Shidō Kinen Tokuban show.

The main cast members are:

Ryota Ohsaka plays Nice, the independent-thinking partner in the “Hamatora” detective agency


Wataru Hatano plays Murasaki, Hamatora’s empathetic partner


Hiroshi Kamiya plays Art, the cop who has known the Hamatora detectives from way back


Emiri Katō (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live) plays Hajime, the amnesiac girl who eats a lot and often


Kiyono Yasuno plays Koneko, a go-between for the Hamatora detective agency


Also rounding up the cast:

Jun Fukuyama plays Birthday, the carefree handyman in Yokohama


Yūichi Nakamura plays Ratio, the doctor who helps out on the handyman business


Eri Kitamura (announced last week) plays Honey, the brilliant scientist


Katsuki Murase plays Three, the kind “beast” who protects Honey


Hamatora tells about the story of the “Minimum,” or the “minor miracle.” Keep Reading

Live Action Film Mugiko-san To Features Animation From Production IG

17Mugiko-san to (麦子さんと, With Mugiko-san) is an upcoming film which stars Horikita Maki as the lead character. In the story, Mugiko is an otaku who lives with her older brother, played by Ryuhei Matsuda. Their father died and their mother left home when Mugiko was only a child. After not hearing from her for a long time, their mother Ayako (Kimiko Yo) returns and lives with them. Mugiko dislikes her brother’s undependability and gambling. Keep Reading

Hori-san To Miyamura-kun Manga Gets 2nd OAV


Fans of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura will be delighted to see the pairing return in the new Hori-san To Miyamura-kun OAV. This was revealed through the November issue of the Square Enix’s G-Fantasy magazine. It announced that HERO is making ways for the project to push through early this winter. HERO is the author of the four-paneled school comedy following the life of Kyouko and Izumi as they go through their bittersweet youthful days. Keep Reading

Hakushon Daimao Live Action Adaptation

02Fuji TV just announced that there will be a first live action adaptation for the well-loved Hakushon Daimou (ハクション大魔王 , The Genie Family) anime. The popular gag comedy anime was created by Tatsunoko Productions and ran on Fuji TV from 1969to 1970. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the family anime, Kanjani8 member Shingo Murakami is joining the cast as the main character, the genie Gejigon. This will be a two-hour special which will premiere this fall. Keep Reading

Hisashi Suzuki’s Magical Warfare Animation

04Comic Alive official Twitter account has announced that anime adaptations for five of the MG Bunko J light novel titles have been green-lit, including Hisashi Suzuki’s Magical Warfare (Mahō Sensō). This was initially announced at Media Factory’s Summer School Festival 2013 event. The official website for the anime adaptation has just announced the main cast and staff for the production.

The cast will be Mamoru Miyano as Takeshi Nanase, Nao Tōyama as Mui Aiba, Asami Seto as Kurumi Isoshima, Kenichi Suzumura as Kazumi Ida, Nobuhiko Okamoto as Tsuganashi Aiba. Keep Reading

Junketsu no Maria Anime

02Love magic, witches and a lot of adventures? You’d definitely love Junketsu no Maria – Sorcière de gré, pucelle de force by Masayuki Ishikawa, a fantasy-inspired novel series that has been running since 2008. If you have been a long-time reader of the manga or a newbie when it comes to this French-inspired title, it’s our joy to dish out that it’s going to have an anime of its own, as revealed by the wrap around jacked band on the third volume of the series’ installment. Keep Reading