Hamatora TV Anime Reveals Teaser And Characters

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16Japan’s video streaming website Niconico has unveiled a new promotional video and cast members for the upcoming Hamatora anime, a “super-pwered mystery x battle entertainment” mixed media project. This was done during the Ohsaka, Hatano, Yasuno no TV Anime Hamatora Project Shidō Kinen Tokuban show.

The main cast members are:

Ryota Ohsaka plays Nice, the independent-thinking partner in the “Hamatora” detective agency


Wataru Hatano plays Murasaki, Hamatora’s empathetic partner


Hiroshi Kamiya plays Art, the cop who has known the Hamatora detectives from way back


Emiri Katō (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live) plays Hajime, the amnesiac girl who eats a lot and often


Kiyono Yasuno plays Koneko, a go-between for the Hamatora detective agency


Also rounding up the cast:

Jun Fukuyama plays Birthday, the carefree handyman in Yokohama


Yūichi Nakamura plays Ratio, the doctor who helps out on the handyman business


Eri Kitamura (announced last week) plays Honey, the brilliant scientist


Katsuki Murase plays Three, the kind “beast” who protects Honey


Hamatora tells about the story of the “Minimum,” or the “minor miracle.” This is a special hereditary power discovered in a limited number of humans. Those who possess such powers are dubbed as the “Minimum Holders.”

Nice and Murasaki are partners in forming a detective agency called “Hamatora,” located in Yokohama. However, their office is a table at Café Nowhere where they and their friends meet and wait for their potential client. Art, an old acquaintance, hires the team for a serial murder case he is currently investigating. Snooping around, they discover that the murder victims are all minimum holders. Being one of those super-powered humans, Nice and Murasaki are drawn into the case.

This project is a collaboration between Seiji Kishi, Yukinori Kitajima, Touko Machida and illustrator Yuuki Kodama. Jun Kumagai is in charge of the anime series scripts while Fantasista Utamaro handles the color art direction. Makoto Yoshimori is scoring the music in DIVE II Entertainment and Yuu Wazu will be adapting Kodama’s designs at the new anime studio NAZ. Hiroshi Kimura will be directing the anime.

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