Dandy Guy In The Space Inspires New Manga Series

space dandySpace Dandy (スペース☆ダンディ), the Dandy Guy In The Space, has yet to be aired but it has inspired a manga series already! Kodansha monthly magazine Sirius (月刊少年シリウス) has announced the good news in their February issue. The Space Dandy manga will be featured under the Wednesday Sirius category over at Nico Nico (ニコニコ).

Space Dandy follows the adventures of Dandy (ダンディ) who roams around the galaxy in search of new alien life. Keep Reading

Masayuki Ishikawa Wins Lawsuit Over Screen Film

moyashimonMasayuki Ishikawa (石川雅之), creator of Moyashimon (もやしもん), has won a lawsuit filed against director Takashi Kuroki on the grounds of creating a film based on another of Ishikawa’s Kanojo no Kokuhaku (彼女の告白) without the mangaka’s permission.

News of the lawsuit was covered by Eijiro Shimada, editor-in-chief of Kodansha’s (株式会社講談社) weekly seinen magazine, Morning (モーニング). He posted the details of the said lawsuit in Morning’s official website on December 25 and has confirmed that Kanojo no Kokuhaku was first featured in Morning under the Weekly Masayuki Ishikawa section. Keep Reading

Mako-Chan No Lip Cream Gets Promotion Anime-Style

mako-chan no lip creamWhat better way to promote a manga than to have its very own advertisement made in a way that the characters from the pages come to life? That’s right folks, turning your manga into anime is a surefire way to rake in more readers and Mako-Chan No Lip Cream (マコちゃんのリップクリーム) is the latest manga title to get an anime promotion!

Mako-Chan No Lip Cream creator, Namie Odama (尾玉なみえ), is hands on with her manga’s promotion as she directs the 95-second long ad while Magari Hiroaki (匿名キボ夫) takes the job of animating the promotion. Keep Reading

Nana Manga Postcards Brings Hopeful Return Of The Series

nanaCelebrated mangaka, Ai Yazawa (矢沢あい), was on hiatus due to her medical condition but will she be back to give us Nana (ナナ) once again? Maybe, maybe not but fans are still crossing their fingers for Yazawa to continue her beloved shoujo manga (少女漫画) and this bit of news will surely fuel the hope for the Nana’s comeback! In the January 2014 issue of shoujo magazine, Cookie, brand new Nana manga postcards will be added. Keep Reading

Live Action Film Mugiko-san To Features Animation From Production IG

17Mugiko-san to (麦子さんと, With Mugiko-san) is an upcoming film which stars Horikita Maki as the lead character. In the story, Mugiko is an otaku who lives with her older brother, played by Ryuhei Matsuda. Their father died and their mother left home when Mugiko was only a child. After not hearing from her for a long time, their mother Ayako (Kimiko Yo) returns and lives with them. Mugiko dislikes her brother’s undependability and gambling. Keep Reading

Itazura Na Kiss ~Love In Tokyo~ Live Action Returns With Season 2

01The hit 2013 live action adaptation for the world-renown manga Itazura Na Kiss will be returning with another dose of ~Love In Tokyo~ in their season 2. The official website has just announced that the television series has been granted with a new airing project and more details will be announced later. This is the show which launched two relevantly newcomers, Honoka Miki as Kotoko and Yuki Furukawa as Naoki.

While many have been skeptical by their fresh faces (and the almost-a-decade age gap between the two leads), many have received this show with warmth. Keep Reading

Demon Gaze Video Game Gets A Manga Adaptation

demon gazeIf you’re a hardcore fan of the dungeon crawl Playstation Vita video game, Demon Gaze (デモンゲイズ), here’s a of good news for you: your favorite game will be jumping right from the game and into the pages of a manga! The manga version of Demon Gaze will be published in the ASCII Media Works (株式会社アスキー・メディアワークス) Japanese seinen magazine, Dengeki Maoh (電撃マオウ).

If you have just tuned in, Demon Gaze is produced by Kadokawa Games and Experience Inc. Keep Reading