Mako-Chan No Lip Cream Gets Promotion Anime-Style

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mako-chan no lip creamWhat better way to promote a manga than to have its very own advertisement made in a way that the characters from the pages come to life? That’s right folks, turning your manga into anime is a surefire way to rake in more readers and Mako-Chan No Lip Cream (マコちゃんのリップクリーム) is the latest manga title to get an anime promotion!

Mako-Chan No Lip Cream creator, Namie Odama (尾玉なみえ), is hands on with her manga’s promotion as she directs the 95-second long ad while Magari Hiroaki (匿名キボ夫) takes the job of animating the promotion. The team also enlisted Gariben Papillion to sing for the ad with the song Kikensei Girl. Magari Hiroaki is known for his original works Majokko Tsukene-chan (魔女っ娘つくねちゃん) and Yoiko no Shigoto (よいこのしごと ).

The story of Mako-Chan No Lip Cream revolves around a magical lip cream that allows the user to transform into anything she desires. It was once in the ownership of a witch named Zaiaa who abused the powers of the lip cream and was ultimately cursed. The lip cream then ends up in a young girl’s hands who goes by the name of Mako-chan.

Where will this all lead? Will this end up in having the manga turn into a full blown anime series?


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