Jeffrey Albertson Marries Manga Artist In An Upcoming The Simpsons Episode

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Image credits go to FOX

The Winter 2013 anime line-up won’t be the only after word of this news reaches you. Whether if you’re an avid fan of FOX’s longest-running adult cartoon, The Simpsons, knowing that their very own Comic Book Guy is marrying a manga artist will be enough to catch your attention.

According to FOX, Episode 10 of Season 25 highlights Jeffrey Albertson, Springfield’s very own Comic Book Guy. While he worries that his comic books are nothing without someone to share it with, a Japanese girl named Kumiko. Much to the Comic Book Guy’s luck, Kumiko is a mangaka who is working on an autobiographical manga. This episode goes by the title of Married to the Blob.

Image credits go to FOX

Image credits go to FOX

Now what’s a comic book episode without the legendary comic book writer Stan Lee? That’s right, Marvel’s very own Stan Lee will make yet another appearance in this awaited The Simpsons episode, making this his second Simpsons television cameo. Instead of showing up as his own Simpson-fied self, Stan Lee lends his voice to the owner of The Android’s Dungeons & Baseball Card Shop.

Married to the Blob will be aired on January 12, 2014 on FOX. More episode stills can be viewed over at Comics Continuum.


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