First Trailer for Ookami Kodomo Ame to Yuki Streamed

A 50-second trailer for the upcoming anime movie Ookami Kodomo Ame to Yuki (The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki) has been posted on its official website. It is the latest film by Hosoda Mamoru, director of Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. The film is due to be released in Japan July 21st.

The film follows the story of the 19-year-old college student Hana, who goes through a “fairy-tale like” love with a “wolf man”, and their two children – the older sister who was born on a snowy day, Yuki, and the younger brother who was born on a rainy day, Ame. Keep Reading

Winter 2012 Anime: Streams and Licenses

This most recent season of anime has shown a huge number of legalized ways to obtain the anime you want to see: both streaming through online simulcasts and licensing for DVD and Blu-Ray release. Here’s an overview of what to find where:

(Note: All air-dates are given in Japan time.)

Natsume Yuujinchou Shi (Natsume’s Book of Friends, Season 4)
Date Aired: January 2nd, 2012
Streaming On: Crunchyroll, Mondays, 10:00a.m. PST. Crunchyroll also has the first 3 seasons available for streaming. Keep Reading

Hunter x Hunter Back On Track?

Weekly Shonen Jump manga Hunter x Hunter has recently reached a new record in continuous serialization. As of 2012 issue #8, scheduled to go on sale January 23rd, the manga has been serialized in WSJ for 22 consecutive issues (starting with 2011 issue #35-36, which was put on sale August 8th, 2011).

This is the longest Hunter x Hunter has been published continuously since its original serialization in 1998. While very well received, Hunter x Hunter has yet to reach the level of fame as other series serialized around the same time (such as One Piece, 1997, and Naruto, 1999) because of its constant hiatuses, the longest of which lasted 79 issues, from February 2006 until October 2007. Keep Reading

Code Geass News Roundup

As of yesterday, a positive storm of Code Geass news has been released – fans of the franchise should be dancing with joy.

First off, the long-awaited details of the Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito (Akito the Exiled) project have finally been released. The leads, Hyuga Akito and Reira Marukaru, will be voiced by Irino Miyu and Sakamoto Maaya respectively. Sakamoto will also be singing the theme song, with composition by legendary Kanno Yoko and lyrics by Iwasato Yuho. Keep Reading