Butuanime 2014 – Spreading The Love Of Cosplay, Anime, Manga And More

Butuanime has come a long way and Butuan City’s signature event that celebrates the otaku culture is back with Butuanime 2014! Asgard Anime catches up with one of Butuanime’s organizers, Zenon Hernandez, to give you a lowdown on what Butuanime is all about.

Asgard Anime: How did Butuanime come about?

Zenon Hernandez: Butuanime first started as a small event here in our locality. It was first an organization launch back then in 2012 and not officially [called] Butuanime. Keep Reading

The Philippine Cosplay Convention Hits Lucky Number 7

Heads up, Filipino cosplayers! The Philippine Cosplay Convention is back! Cosplay.PH has worked side-by-side together with Hobbiworx, Inc. and Robinson’s Place Manila to bring cosplayers and congoers together under this free event. This year’s Philippine Cosplay Convention is celebrating its seventh year since its first successful kick start in 2008.

Test your skills and passion for cosplay in the cosplay contests laid out for PCC 7! Categories such as individual and group cosplay are present with unique categories added, namely the Historical Cosplay and Filipino Cosplay, to pique your interest and keep you on their toes. Keep Reading

WCS Introduces The World Cosplay Summit Official Book 2013

world cosplay summit bookThe World Cosplay Summit (世界コスプレサミット) is one of the best cosplay events recognized worldwide and 2013 is a special year as the event celebrates its tenth year in the world of cosplay. If you missed out the previous WCS events, the organizers have come up with a very special project that is a must-have for every cosplay fan. Enter the World Cosplay Summit Official Book 2013.

The World Cosplay Summit Official Book 2013 is a collection of photographs taken during the World Cosplay Summit. Keep Reading

Mindanao Cosplay Summit Hits Cagayan de Oro

mcs 1The Mindanao Cosplay Summit – Cagayan de Oro City Leg (MCS-CDO Leg) took place last Sunday, October 6, 2013 at SM City Cagayan de Oro. The MCS was officially organized by the Davao based group, Ambox Davao. Since the past years, Ambox created and organized the Mindanao Cosplay Summit and such related events to provide a venue and opportunities for social interaction for animé, manga, cosplay, Japanese pop culture enthusiasts, and other related hobbies. Keep Reading

Comiket In The News: Comiket Shingeki Staff, Free! Items And A Telecom Make-Over

comiket 1Comiket (コミケット) is perhaps one of the biggest events every otaku shouldn’t dare miss. If you’ve missed out on this one, no sweat! Asgard Anime has got you covered with Comiket In the News with what’s happened over at this year’s Comiket!

Without a doubt, the Shingeki no Kyojin (進撃の巨人) madness has swept all four corners of the world and Japan is definitely no exception. As evident in Comiket, the Comiket Staff has donned the Scouting Legion uniform as they maintain peace and order during the event. Keep Reading

TorCH 4 – Cagayan de Oro City Leg: The Fourth Stage Conquered!

The Cosplay Tournament of Champions is on its 4th year and the city of Golden Friendship has once again witnessed a grand event that will be talked about for years to come! On July 13, 2013, SM City Cagayan de Oro was packed with cosplayers and each made their mark in the one of the biggest cosplay events in the Philippines!


The Cyberzone Cosplay Grand Prix 2nd Heat preceded the TorCH competition and it was a the perfect cosplay walk-in event for the video game junkies. Keep Reading

Cosplay In The News: Special Miku Cosplay, Cure And Animate Special Event And A Cherry Convention

hatsune miku cosplayThe otaku universe wouldn’t be complete without flesh-and-blood individuals dressed in the clothing based on their chosen characters. This week’s Asgard In The News lands its spotlight on Cosplay. Starting off with this lovely rendition of the world famous Vocaloid (ボーカロイド), Hatsune Miku (初音ミク).

Cosplayed by an Indonesian girl named Deanty M. Muchtiarsyah, this Miku fan gave a special twist of her cosplay by mixing it with her Muslim faith. Her photo was uploaded on the Hatsune Miku Facebook Fan Page and within minutes, has garnered While a lot of fans fawned over how adorable she looked, fans will never be without haters. Keep Reading