Nana Mizuki Receives Special Award From Agency For Cultural Affairs

Nana MizukiOn March 13, 2014, the Agency For Cultural Affairs division of the Japanese government has announced the lucky recipients of the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts 2013 and among them is none other than Nana Mizuki (水樹 奈々) who proudly takes home the new face award. Nana bagged the award, together with 10 other individuals, after her endeavors which include her undying dedication to Cool Japan, singing and voice acting for anime as well as her successful foreign tour. Keep Reading

Homura Dama! Enter Shishio Makoto!

rurouni kenshin shishioWho would have thought that the gentle Shuya Nanahara (七原 秋也) from Battle Royale (バトル・ロワイアル) would turn out to be something like this? That’s the power the world of acting has as Tatsuya Fujiwara (藤原 竜也) transforms and becomes one of Kenshin Himura’s (緋村 剣心) deadliest opponents, Shishio Makoto (志々雄 真実).

Japanese morning news show ZIP! has featured this latest Rurouni Kenshin (るろうに剣心) live-action movie update with short clips from both the first RK movie and the latest offering with a still featuring Fujiwara all decked out in Shishio’s signature bandaged look. Keep Reading

Dragon Nest Japan’s Assassin Voiced By Ultimate Bishie Seiyuu

AssassinDragon Nest Korea, China and Japan have already enjoyed the addition of the latest Assassin class and SEA coming up next with the release date rumored to be on January 2014. In Dragon Nest Japan, the Assassin is voiced by none other than the ultimate bishounen seiyuu, Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川 光). If you don’t know who Midorikawa Hikaru is, you missed half of your otaku life already.

Midorikawa Hikaru has voiced nearly all of the most notable pretty boys in every anime produced. Keep Reading

Know Your Youtube Idol (KRP28’s Kali of Team K)

Aidolizings is back!

The number of Youtube Idols increase every year. Just as the number of Youtube Idol groups are formed every year. Some of them become one for fun, others do it for a few minutes under the spotlight while others hope for a future doing something they love.

My first encounter with the KRP28 or the Kira Kira Project was quite accidental. I was browsing through Youtube and I suddenly came across a video called, “Closer” by Team R. Keep Reading

Kanehara Takumi – From Hosting To Drawing Up A Storm Manga Style

Kanehara Takumi (金原たくみ) turned over a new career leaf from being a Japanese host to a way awesome manga artist and what better way to celebrate his monumental career shift than to receive an award! Shonen Jump has celebrated his magnificent talent and endowed him with the Shonen Jump Treasure New Manga Award. You may be wondering as to why he quit his job as a host and it certainly isn’t television shows he used to host. Keep Reading

Know Your Youtube Idol (Oishii!Ichigo and REMOTE GIRL☆’s Lolichiidesu)

“I can’t believe I’m actually talking to Remote Girl

Just that basically sums up how this writer felt during the whole interview with the beautiful and talented brunette from the United States.

Most people are probably asking, “Who is this girl?”, “Who is Lolichiidesu?” and “Why all the excitement over a girl in the internet?”

She is 1/8 of the girls in Oishii!Ichigo and ½ of REMOTE GIRL☆ Her solo channel in Youtube (Lolichiidesu) has almost reached a half a million views and her works with REMOTE GIRL☆ almost reaching a hundred thousand views. Keep Reading

Pacific Rim Fan Art Sketched By Famed Manga Artist

shirow pacific rimPacific Rim took the world by storm with its gripping story of mechas versus monsters. Miwa Shirow (三輪士郎), a manga artist widely known for his manga entitled Dogs (狗-DOGS-), has posted not one but two manga sketches of Pacific Rim. Together with a slew of chibi versions of the Pacific Rim Jaegers (JÄGER) and Kaiju (怪獣), Shirow shared his sketches on his personal Twitter account for the whole world to see. Keep Reading