Say Hello to Black Jack Creator Releases A Free Manga

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blackJackManga collectors are known to spend a lot of bucks on each volume. It’s a painstaking task to gather titles you’ve love, and to invest upon them with every penny you can buy it for. But this time, a renowned manga author will be releasing a manga for free.

You’ve heard it right. It’s a free manga, done by no other than the manga author Shuho Sato, who has created the titles Umizaru, Say Hello to Black Jack and The Isle of Tokkou. The author will be releasing his one shot series Secure Samba wo Yoroshiku for free at the Japan IT Week, Spring 2013 event.

The manga focuses on another medical theme. The medical resident Saito (you’d probably recognize him from Sato’s Say Hello to Black Jack medical manga) takes the spotlight once more. The five-page one shot series begins when a supervising doctor puts Saito in charge of the hospital’s information system. Saito then takes on this situation with the same skill he has wielded in the past manga, yet with the setting of today’s time.

Sato has previously announced that he will make all derivative usage of Say Hello to Black Jack, whether commercial or non-commercial, free for restrictions as of September 2012. Now that’s great news for fans and enthusiasts alike, giving them the liberty to recreate this character once more, according to their own. Amazon’s Kindle e-book store has began offering the manga in English, under the title Give My Regards to Black Jack in September, but it is only now that the Japanese editions are available on the retail online site.

Sato has also offered his manga along with other titles on the MangaOnWeb since April 2010. He even asked for volunteer English translators later that year. After the cancellation of his publishing contract with Kodansha has been revealed, Sato desires to keep this character afloat by any means.

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