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What happens when two amazing manga authors face down and hit off? After meeting in real life this July, mangakas Rieko Saibara and Prets Matsumoto creates a whole new collaboration between manga families. Two worlds which concern the ups and downs of being in a kin collide in this one amazing project that will set the comedy and virtue for the readers who loves family stories.

Mainichi Kaa-San and Uchi no 3 Shimai are two popular series which can be associated with the family theme. Mainichi Kaa-san was written by Rieko Saibara, which was based on her newspaper manga about the droll everyday life of a mother and her experiences in raising her two children. On the other hand, Uchi no 3 Shimai is created by Pretz Matsumoto. The story has been derived on a semi-autobiography of the My Three Daughters manga blog, concerning a mother raising her three daughters.

The two stories are about to meld with each other after their mangaka’s meeting in July, during Saibara’s celebration of “Saibara Rieko no Jinsei Garyoku Taiketsu”. This is a special annual showdown which features Saibara pitting off against another manga creator in a mock drawing battle in the midst of a live audience. Matsumoto was challenged in this match, but instead of defeating each other’s artworks, their creations hit off, and with that, the two agreed on a special summer project which includes the crossover.

The series will begin with the family of Mainichi Kaa-san visiting the home of the family in Uchi no 3 Shimai. Thus, this new journey opens up a new adventure of family and friendship not only between the manga creators, but also in the characters of their respective stories. Fans of these titles should wait and see how this collaboration turns out.

Both of these mangas have already their animation series. Mainichi Shimbun will run the collaboration series on the next Sunday.

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