Mirai Suenaga Who?

Danny Choo's Mirai Suenaga

Who’s that buxom anime chick with the long brown hair with braids and clad in a school girl uniform? From what anime is she?

She has vast amounts of merchandise ranging from poseable figures to even her own curry flavor. Girls (and maybe some guys) cosplay her and even dolls dress up like her. So who is she and why is she so popular?

Those who aren’t familiar with Mirai Suenaga, as she is called, might confuse her with a lot of anime titles since she makes appearances so here’s the 101 on Mirai Suenaga. Keep Reading

Cartoon Network Chinese New Year Special 2012

Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z: Kai

Xin Nian Kuai Le! As our Chinese bretheren welcomes the Dragon on their Lunar New Year, and Cartoon Network joins in on the celebration with a Dragon Ball Z Kai Marathon.

Dragon Ball Z Kai is the updated version of the old Dragon Ball Z series. Updates include a high definition quality of the series and some scenes were cut from the original Dragon Ball Z. The story , however, remains exactly the same before it was modified. Keep Reading

Miharu Saruwatari as Zatsune Miku

Cosplayer Interviews: Miharu Saruwatari From The Philippines

Miharu Saruwatari as Zatsune MikuA tall, pretty girl loaded with spunk, Miharu Saruwatari* is one of the cosplayers known locally in the city of Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. She charmed the socks off the men with her Zatsune Miku costume and scared the bujeezus off people with her Bubble Head Maid attire. We were able to snag a few minutes of her time for this interview.

*Cosplay Stage Name

Asgard: When did you first hear about cosplay and what made you decide to join? Keep Reading

kenshin himura samurai x

Rurouni Kenshin Steps Out From The Pages Into real life

Kenshin Himura in the Samurai X live action movie

After rumors became solid fact, fans of the red haired samurai with the cross-shaped scar are waiting on tenterhooks for the release of the live action version of Rurouni Kenshin which will be shown on August 25, 2012.

Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai X, is a manga-turned-anime about a gentle samurai named Kenshin Himura who constantly atones for his sin of murder back when he was an assassin known as Hitokiri Battousai or Battousai the Slasher. Keep Reading

Sailor Moon with the other Sailor Senshi

Sailor Moon Makes A Comeback On Philippine Television

Sailor Moon with the other Sailor Senshi

Giant Philippine television network ABS CBN has advertised the return of Sailor Moon on national television. The anime is said to be a part of the channel’s morning cartoon program called “Team Animazing 2012” which is a mash of anime and western cartoons including Naruto, Jackie Chan Adventures and even Nickelodeon’s “Go Diego Go”.

Sailor Moon stars Usagi Tsukino, a high school student with blonde pigtails who is known for her slacker attitude and complete klutziness until she met Luna, a talking black cat, who gives her a brooch that transforms her into a superhero. Keep Reading

Blade - Anime Version

Harold Perrineau: From Lost to Blade

Blade - Anime Version

Harrold Perrineau is famously known for his role as carpenter Michael Dawson on the hit television series “Lost” and now G4 gave him the role of the anime version of Blade. Blade is just one among the hundreds of Marvel Superheroes with a unique origin: Blade is a vampire hunter who is genetically a human-vampire hybrid created unintentionally by Deacon Frost who transferred life-altering vampire enzymes while feasting on his mother while giving birth. Keep Reading

Fate/Stay Night

Fate/Stay Night vs Fate/Zero?

Fate/Stay Night

After the huge success of the Fate/Stay Night anime, it was followed years late by Fate/Zero and there are slight changes made in the new Fate series that just couldn’t stop fans from pointing out changes and having small debates over which Fate is better.

The story for both Fates are the same; it is still about the War for the Holy Grail. Magi summon the greatest fighters of Earth’s past and they use these warriors to gain the upper hand in order to take control of the Holy Grail, a divine cup that grants wishes to whoever owns it. Keep Reading