Harold Perrineau: From Lost to Blade

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Blade - Anime Version

Harrold Perrineau is famously known for his role as carpenter Michael Dawson on the hit television series “Lost” and now G4 gave him the role of the anime version of Blade. Blade is just one among the hundreds of Marvel Superheroes with a unique origin: Blade is a vampire hunter who is genetically a human-vampire hybrid created unintentionally by Deacon Frost who transferred life-altering vampire enzymes while feasting on his mother while giving birth.

Perrineau, 48, wanted a chance to be in the Blade movies (which starred actor and personal friend of Perrineau, Wesley Snipes) but never happened. Now, G4 gave him the chance of a lifetime to be in the Blade franchise and he took it ecstatically and without thinking twice. Perrineau was blown away by the story and delivery of the anime series.

The anime version of Blade is set in Japan and Blade’s hunt for Deacon Frost will take him to other Asian countries, each with different myths on vampires. Blade is also one of the Marvel comic books that earned their anime counterparts of the western cartoon with Wolverine, Iron Man and X-Men. Fans of the comic book, movie franchise or viewers that are new to Blade will not be disappointed with the anime version.

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