Sailor Moon Makes A Comeback On Philippine Television

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Sailor Moon with the other Sailor Senshi

Giant Philippine television network ABS CBN has advertised the return of Sailor Moon on national television. The anime is said to be a part of the channel’s morning cartoon program called “Team Animazing 2012” which is a mash of anime and western cartoons including Naruto, Jackie Chan Adventures and even Nickelodeon’s “Go Diego Go”.

Sailor Moon stars Usagi Tsukino, a high school student with blonde pigtails who is known for her slacker attitude and complete klutziness until she met Luna, a talking black cat, who gives her a brooch that transforms her into a superhero. With her many adventures, she discovers more girls who can transform like her and together, they fight against evil.

Naoku Takeuchi’s world famous magical girl anime first appeared on Philippine shores through the local channel ABC 5 (now known as TV 5) on 1995 starting with the first season until it reached the final Sailor Moon season, Sailor Stars. Sailor Moon is a well remembered part of ever child growing up in the 1990’s and will be doing so again for the children growing up in the year 2012. The show’s schedule will be announced in the near future on ABC CBN.

Watch the Team Animazing 2012 advertisement:


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