Premium Bandai Releases Gold Cloth Pendant

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saint seiya necklaceIf you’re a fan of Saint Seiya (聖闘士星矢), this little treasure might be a great addition to your collection. Thanks to Premium Bandai, you can take home this pendant based on the Aries Gold Cloth.

First released on October 23, the Aries Gold Cloth pendant is the first product in a series of 12. The pendant is made from sterling silver with a plating made from 18 karat gold. It is sized at 14.5 mm by 11.5 mm and is highly detailed from all four sides including an adornment of a golden ram – the symbol of Aries. While the pendant is great for everyday wear, it is also a perfect for jewelry collection.

If you missed out on Saint Seiya, the Gold Cloths are living things that are given to Athena’s Saints who have mastered the Seventh Sense. There are only 12 Golden Cloths, each representing a Zodiac Sign. The bearer of the Gold Cloth moves in lightning speed and is nearly indestructible; a god has to be in his full potential in order to destroy a Gold Cloth.

The Aries Gold Cloth pendant is priced at 12,600 JPY (125.72 USD), tax included. The Taurus Gold Cloth is up next and pre-orders are already accepted. Which Zodiac Sign are you waiting for?

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