Outbreak Company ~Moeru Shinryakusha~ Gets TV Animation

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Bring in the moe! Through the light novel notices found in the combined 21st and 22nd issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Shounen Magazine, we have learned that Ichiro Sakaki’s Outbreak Company ~Moeru Shinryakusha~アウトブレイク・カンパニー ~萌える侵略者is getting its own television anime adaptation. A light novel series, this work is evident of Sakaki’s writing masterpiece, as seen in the titles Polyphonica, Strait Jacket and Scrapped Princess. Just like his other works, Outbreak Company features fantasy, adventure, and lots of weird and cute stuff!

This new anime project centers on the story of Shinichi Kano. He is described as a “thoroughbred class,” having a light novelist father, and a game artist mother. His parents gave hims a position of a complete otaku, although unfortunately, he has no special talents except for his vast knowledge and insights about the category moe.

This is why it is startling when the Japanese government assigns him as a “moe” evangelist to a mysterious race called Holy Eldant Empire. Their nation is found in a parallel world with an entrance that needs skimming through the thick forest of Mount Fuji. On this location, one can see fantasy existing as reality. Dragons bravely soars the skies, and a panoramic earth is too beautiful to take in.

In his adventure, Shinichi forms a deep friendship with the half-elf maiden Myuseru, whom he meets first. He also encounters the beautiful young empress, Petoraru. While he deals with the threats of wars between various factions, he worries himself that he is not a part of their race, being an invader in this parallel world.

Outbreak Company began as a novel series with illustrations by Yuugen. The first novel was printed by Kodansha on 2011 and has published 5 volumes since. The sixth will be released on May 2013. A manga adaptation of this title was done by Kiri Kajiya under the Good Afternoon magazine in Kodansha’s publication.

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