One Piece: Pictures x Movies x Experience This March

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One PieceDive into the experience of the New World along with Luffy and his pirate friends through an upcoming event created solely for these heroes. The popular One Piece pirates’ adventures will be put to the spotlight as the makers of this popular manga / anima collaborates to produce with a one of a kind display. The event promises an interactive taste of the pirates’ journey to which the whole exhibition is set-up and supervised by no less than the manga creator himself, Eiichiro Oda.

One Piece, which was a popular Shonen Jump comic in 1997, gained its popularity with its iconic characters and exciting sea adventures. The manga series currently spans into 64 volumes and has sold 250 million copies printed and translated into different languages worldwide.

The story focuses on Money D. Luffy who, by curiously eating a certain Devil’s Fruit, has taken the ability of stretching his body like rubber. Joined with his Straw Hat crew, they face adventures in hunting down the Pirate King’s hidden treasure, One Piece.

Dubbed as The Exhibition of One Piece – Pictures x Movies x Experience, this event will feature original artworks and illustrations by their respective artists, as well as large scale models and different dynamic and interactive displays. Its organizers have stated that fans will have the chance to feel and experience Luffy’s world, where morals of adventure and friendship are earned through each journey.

100 illustrations, all hand drawn by Oda, will be included in the display, as well as other interesting installations which will make the exhibit lifelike. They have also created a large mast models of Thousand Sunny and Jolly Roger, a walk in the ship which was the mode of transportation in the anime.

The event will be held at the Mori Arts Center within the famous Roppongi Hills in central Tokyo. It wll be launched on March 20 and will run until Jun 17, 2012. More details can be found on the exhibit’s website,

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