Curry Zawa’s Kremlin To be Adapted into Anime

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Cat lovers will surely fall in love with this new upcoming series; a neko-themed manga gets the green lights to its own anime adaptation. It’s going to be another cute and crazy filled world, with a lot of nyans, cat paws and scratches all over your television screens. Of course, this includes a bewildered cat owner with an absurd relationship with his cats.

In the 61st issue of the Kodansha’s Morning Two magazine, it has been announced that mangaka Kaoru Curr-zawa’s series called KРΣМЛЬ (Kremlin) is about to be adapted into an animation series. The story is of a gag comedy theme and trails around the life of a supposedly college student named Haruo Kyattsuyama—nicknamed “Cats” as an abbreviated form of his last name. Haruo only went to his school, the not-s-great Kunekune College, once in the entire period.

While walking one day, Haruo sees a cute Russian blue cat named Kan-u, placed in a cardboard box and is abandoned on a roadside. He pretends not to see it, and continues to do so for one whole year. However, it came as a surprise that nobody ever came to save the cat. Finally feeling pity for the animal, he picks it up, only to realize that there are now three of its kind, rather than one. He asks them for their names, but they only answer “Kan-u!”

Kremlin is a four-panel comedy series which started off in the Morning Two of Kodansha’s publication in 2009. It moved into Morning in 2010. While an anime adaptation for this title is on the works, Morning Two has revealed that Curry-zawa is now prepping up for another manga title. The new series will be launched in Morning Magazine.

If you have been a fan of Poyopoyo, Chi’s Sweet Home and the likes, then Kremlin is definitely for you. Watch out for more anime updates here at Asgard!

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