Bed Items In The News: 6-Pack Abs, A Part-Time Worker And A Nostalgic Bed Sheet

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If you’re a huge fan of anime and manga and have become a collector over the years but still missed out a few items, try adding dakimakuras (抱き枕) or hug pillows to your growing pile of collection and even a bed sheet even. Asgard Anime gives you Bed Items In the News to show you some things that are worth taking to bed in.

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In the Devil is a Part-Timer (はたらく魔王さま!), Sadao Mao (真奥 貞夫) was forced to work in a fast food restaurant called McRonald in order to survive after having a run-in with Emilia Justina (エミリア・ユスティーナ). Sadao Mao now works together with a girl named Chiho Sasaki (佐々木 千穂) who has a huge crush on him. Chiho can be yours in the form on a dakimakura for only 9,000 JPY (91.66 USD) but you can only grab this at the Degenki booth in Comiket. It’s a limited edition so don’t miss out on this one!

dakimakura 3 Washboard abs on men looks great on the men. How about on the women? Koko Hekmatyar’s (ココ·ヘクマティアル) eye-patch clad bodyguard, Valmet (バルメ ), from the manga series Jormungand (ヨルムンガンド) has now joined the ranks of the hot ladies with a dakimakura. Thanks to COSPA, you can gladly take this pillow home for only 9,000 JPY (91.66 USD) through Comiket. Good news for Jormungand fans: this Valmet hug pillow will be available on October if the COSPA inventory can still handle it.


dakimakura 2How about a little nostalgia before we end this article? When demons run amok who are you gonna call? Gensomaden Saiyuki (幻想魔伝最遊記) is more than just another anime/manga adaptation of the Chinese classical novel, Journey to the West (西游记). It also featured badass protagonists (who also double as eye candy for the ladies ) who journey to India in order to stop the resurrection of the ox demon king, Gyumaoh. A Japanese online shop called has began accepting orders for their Saiyuki bed sheets. The bed sheets are individually printed with the four main characters of Saiyuki, namely Son Goku (孫悟空), Sha Gojyo (沙悟浄), Cho Hakkai (豬八戒) and Genjo Sanzo (玄奘三蔵). Measured at 1500 x 2400 mm, you can buy them each for only 9,974 JPY (101.58 USD) or as a set for only 39,900 JPY (406.35). So, are you ready for bed time?

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