The Book Of Bantorra Airs Tomorrow On Animax Asia

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Today’s generation is now technology oriented. Kids nowadays are rarely seen without their cell phones, handheld game consoles and even laptops. Now here comes an anime that just might inspire young people to pick up books and read the whole day off.

The Book of Bantorra (戦う司書) is set in a world where the dead transform into books. Reading theses books would give the reader an insight to the deceased person’s history. These books are stored in a library where it is staffed and defended by Armed Librarians These librarians are individuals with supernatural abilities. Together, they fight against the Shidenki Church.

The Book of Bantorra started out as a light novel by Yamagata Ishio. Released in 2005, the light novels ran for 5 years and with a total of 10 volumes. A manga version was released in the year 2008 with only 3 volumes. A year after the release of the manga came the anime version. The anime, directed by Shinohara Toshiya, has a total of 27 episodes and is produced by David Production.

The Book of Bantorra will be aired on Animax Asia tomorrow, May 14, 2012. Check out the Animax website for the airing schedule of the show. So give yourself a break from spending too much time on your computer, cell phone, PSP and other stuff. Flip the TV on, stay tuned to Animax and watch The Book of Bantorra on Animax. The next thing you’ll know is that you might be picking a book off from the shelves. Let the Book of Bantorra amaze you with what books have to offer!


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