Snow Miku Goodies Now Offered At Family Mart

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Snow Miku Food 1

The Snow Miku Cream Puff

With the Sapporo Snow Festival (さっぽろ雪まつり) just around the corner, everyone just can’t help but be very excited about it. Sapporo’s very own Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) is on the front line of the celebrations and together with Family Mart (ファミリーマート), they have released delicious food items that you should definitely not miss!

Hatsune Miku is all decked out in her snow-themed outfit for the occasion and is appropriately named Snow Miku (雪ミク). Her default costume bearing the colors of blue, white and silver is used in the Snow Miku Cream Puff. Sold all over Japan for only 180 JPY (1.72 USD), this cream puff has a purple sweet potato and whip cream filling. Other food items are exclusive only to Hokkaido so it would make your trip worthwhile if you grab these on your Snow Festival visit.

Snow Miku Food 2

The Snow Miku Magic Made Me Warm Rare Cheese

The Snow Miku Magic Made Me Warm Rare Cheese is just one of the many Hokkaido exclusive treats. The rare cheese treat bears the latest Snow Miku illustration designed by dera_fury whose entry was chosen in the Snow Miku design contest last year. If you’d rather have a full meal, here comes another Hokkaido exclusive for you. Snow Miku isn’t the only one themed in snow as this omelet shows.

White Stew and Rice Omelet

White Stew and Rice Omelet

This omelet comes with a white stew that is sure to keep you warm and full in your Snow Festival adventures. The meal also comes with ketchup if you need more flavor in your meal. Priced at a 500 JPY (4.79 USD), this meal just might be enough for you to keep on coming back for more!

If you need a snack to munch on while you walk around Sapporo, try the Magic Stone from the Fairy Forest mushroom rice ball. This pilaf (not shown) is priced at 138 JPY (0.0132 USD) so make sure you stuff your pockets with these before you set out for the Festival!

Head on down to the Family Mart website for more photos and info on their Snow Miku food goodies!

Image credits go to Family Mart

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