Polar Bear Cafe Tea Set And Tea Now Available

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polar bear cafeIf you’re the type of person who enjoys a good cup of tea and anime, then this one is for you. Tea time will be extra special with this Polar Bear Cafe (しろくまカフェ) tea set. To make things even more special, this tea set also comes with the Polar Bear Cafe Original Blend coffee! How awesome is that?

Available through Family Mart’s online store in Japan, the tea set comes with a lovely little teapot with the Polar Bear Cafe logo stamped on the front and back, as well as a tea cup with the characters printed around it. The tea set are in simple monochrome but are a sight for sore eyes. On the other hand, the Polar Bear Cafe Original Blend coffee are in drop bags. The set has 6 bags and 3 coasters. Polar Bear (シロクマ), Panda (パンダ) and Penguin (ペンギン) appear on both the tea and coffee sets, but are joined by three other Polar Bear Cafe characters in the tea cup.

The tea set, aptly called Polar Bear Cafe Tea Set For One, is priced at 2500 JPY (25.23 USD). The Polar Bear Cafe Original Blend Drop Bags share the same price as that of the tea set, also at 2500 JPY (25.23 USD). Head on down to the Family Mart website for more information.

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