Megurine Luka’s 5th Birthday Celebrated With A Special Announcement

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Megurine Luka birthday art by ゆうみ at

Megurine Luka birthday art by ゆうみ at

Vocaloid’s (ボーカロイド) very own Megurine Luka (巡音ルカ) has turned another year older and to celebrate her 5th year, a webpage has been launched by Crypton that highlights the important information on Luka’s V3! Sounds like good news to us!

So far, the Megurine Luka V3 101 shown on the website goes as follows:

1. Luka’s tone has been analyzed and added with several databases. This results in Luka sounding more expressive.

2. Improvements have been made on her tight throat sounds she makes when she hits the high notes so this time she sounds better.

3. A more realistic feel of her voice has been given.

Fans of Megurine Luka have celebrated her birthday all over the world with special birthday fan arts found mostly on Deviantart and Pixiv and the featured art shown in this article by ゆうみ is just one of the many!

Brought to life by Yuu Asakawa (浅川 悠), Megurine Luka is the first Vocaloid who can sing in both English and Japanese without the strong Japanese accent. This pink-haired, blue-eyed Vocaloid was designed by KEI and created her art in a way that makes her look different in any angle as inspired by her bilingual capability.

Curious? Visit the site here. Many happy returns, dear Luka!

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