Limited Edition Sankarea Manga Comes With Sexy Posters

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sankareaAfter the Twilight Saga came out, vampires became a source of romantic partner options for the ladies. The undead seem to be the media’s constant source of inspiration for romance as was proven by another movie entitled Warm Bodies. If you think that the world of manga hasn’t had their share of undead romance, this bit of news will make you think twice and even more. Introducing, Sankarea (さんかれあ).

Sankarea is a manga by Japanese manga artist, Mitsuru Hattori (はっとりみつる). The series first began in 2009 and is published in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine (別冊少年マガジン), a product of Kodansha (株式会社講談). Sankarea tells the story of a high school boy named Chihiro Furuya (降谷 千紘) who is downright obsessed with zombies. The lad collects anything that has to do with zombies including video games, movies and even manga. His love for the undead has even extended to dreaming of kissing a zombie girl. When Chihiro’s cat, Babu (ばーぶ), died, Chihiro was bent on reviving it with the use of a manuscript that depicts the process of creating a revival potion. Now, here comes Sanka Rea (散華 礼弥), a runaway who tried to commit suicide by drinking Chihiro’s resurrection potion. The potion failed to kill her but transformed her into a zombie after an unfortunate event. Will Chihiro finally get his wish now of kissing a zombie girl?

Volume 8 of Sankarea has already been released in Japan and the limited edition comes with bathroom posters that are guaranteed to make your jaw drop. Check out the posters below and don’t forget to grab your copy of the latest Sankarea volume! More NSFW photos can be found here.

sankarea 3

sankarea 2

sankarea 1


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