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naruto road to ninja flyerWe have officially hit July and Naruto: Road to Ninja is putting every fan of this epic ninja anime is on their toes for the latest news!

The official movie flyer for the 10th anniversary commemorative movie has already been released. It shows Naruto posing in front with his mother and father on either side of him. Behind him are the ninjas from Konoha. Standing further behind is an enlarged Tobi.

Part of the movie’s promotion is the Naruto: Road to Ninja exhibit.

The exhibit was held at the Sunshine 60 Observatory in Tokyo, Japan and guests were presented with a number of alternate character illustrations, colorful posters, life-sized statues of the Akatsuki, and even tie-in food merchandise.

Naruto: Road to Ninja Tie-in Food

As for trailers and previews, a 15-second television commercial for the movie has already been released, as well as the extended preview. The extended movie preview, however, was first released on the Naruto: Road to Ninja official website. Both the commercial and the extended preview features the latest Asian Kung-Fu Generation single used for the movie’s theme. Check them both out below.

Naruto: Road to Ninja will be released in Japanese theaters on July 28. Visit the official Naruto: Road to Ninja official website for more info and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter!


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