Evangelion 3.0 In The News, Vol. 2: Shocking Gainax Reaction, A Score Of Eva Goodies, And The Latest 3.0 Promo

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This is Asgard’s Evangelion 3.0 In The News, volume 2 and we have a shocking headliner for you this week. Japanese entertainment portal, J-Cast, got in contact with Gainax in order to confirm the appearance of the Rei Ayanami plugsuit in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 and the response they got was utterly surprising – Gainax was as shocked as the fans were who witnessed the plugsuit. Highly protective of their designs, Gainax will be taking up legal action regarding this issue. Victoria’s Secret has never been in touch with Gainax about the said outfit. Read more on what Gainax had to say here.

On a lighter note, Evangelion has a theater program which was a sight for sore eyes. Evangelion will also have a musical entitled Evangelion: //. The two backslashes indicates the musical notation for the end of repitition. Dive more into the program by clicking here. The theater program contains spoilers. You’ve been warned.

To end this epic second volume of Evangelion 3.0, we have the latest promo that is guaranteed to raise goosebumps up your spine. The TV advertisement for the Evangelion 3.0 has a line that says “It’s not Anime, It’s Evangelion.” Check out the videos below and feel the goosebumps rise.



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