Danny Choo’s “Culture Japan” Returns To Animax

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DANNY CHOODanny Choo’s famous Otaku show “Culture Japan” returns to Animax with a fresh, new season.

The son of reknowned fashion designer Jimmy Choo, Danny Choo’s interest in Japanese culture began when he wanted to know the latest video games released for his Sega Megadrive video game console. His interests slowly changed from Kylie Minogue to anything Japanese. His passion for the Japanese culture led him to teach himself how to read and write the native language. Later on, Danny’s interest focused on manga and anime. In the cosplay world, he is well known for dressing up as a Storm Trooper from the Star Wars franchise.

Culture Japan began as a concept where Choo wished to share information regarding just about anything Japanese to the world. Choo’s tv show dream came true when Culture Japan was first aired on June 12, 2010. Co-hosted by his website’s school girl, Mirai Suenaga, the show is nothing short of interesting. The breathtaking combination of both pop culture and traditional Japanese culture gives viewers a blow-by-blow account of what Japan is really like.

Culture Japan Season 2 began on April 7, 2012 on Animax and is aired every Saturday. Check out the Animax trailer below and visit the Animax Asia website to check the complete program schedules. Missed out on Season 1? Not to worry, complete episodes of Culture Japan Season 1 can be viewed on the official Culture Japan Youtube channel.

After watching Culture Japan, you just might find yourself fighting off the urge to pack your things and leave for the Land of the Rising Sun pronto.

But before you do, here’s a preview of Culture Japan season 2:-

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