Star Driver: Radiant Takuto TV Anime

According to Newtype magazine an original TV anime project called Star Driver: Radiant Takuto (Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto) is on the way.

The story will center around a boy called Takuto who pilots his robot, Taubaan.

BONES studio is producing, with Takuya Igarashi directing and Yoji Enokido script writing.

Misa and Hiroka Mizuya are working together on the character designs with Yoshiyuki Ito adapting for animation and overseeing. Keep Reading

59 Foot Gundam Statue To Take Over Shizuoka

gundam robot shizuokaTo celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Gundam anime franchise, a 59 foot Gundam robot is being placed in Shizuoka city (Japan). Officials estimate nearly 1 million people will visit.

The full size will be situated next to Higashi-Shizuoka Station in Shizuoka’s Aoki ward, and should be up by July 2010.

It originally stood in Tokyo bay on the island of Odaiba last Summer, where it attracted over 4 million visitors, nearly three times the expected amount. Keep Reading

English Cast Announced For Gundam Unicorn Anime

The anime is an adaptation of the 10 Gundam Unicorn novels by Harutoshi Fukui. These are set in the same Universal Century timeline as Yoshiyuki Tomino and Sunrise’s first Mobile Suit Gundam TV anime series and sequels. Released simultaneously will be the first Blu-ray Disc volume for the series on March 12 with Japanese and English dubbing. The first volume of six DVD’s will ship the same day, with Japanese dubbing and English subtitles. Keep Reading