Anime Cafes Become A Business Boom

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Anime themed cafes are small restaurants that are steadily gaining popularity. Many of these restaurants are “maid cafes” in which the staff are dressed as maids serving their “masters”, the customers. The first maid cafe was opened in 2001 in Akihabara, Japan but is now spreading worldwide. Maid cafes can be found in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, China and even in the Philippines.

However, the maid cafe is just one example of an Anime themed restaurant. Tea Room 2525, located in Tokyo, Japan, has recently opened the “Legends of the Galactic Heroes” themed cafe. Legends of the Galactic Heroes is a space themed novel created by Yoshiki Tanaka which inspired an anime series that lasted for 10 years. The cafe serves tea, pancakes and crepe and displays memorabilias such as costumes, posters and novels from both the stage play and the anime.

Whether you are a fan of anime or manga or not, anime themed cafes are not to be missed and are worth your time and money. Not only would you enjoy great food and service, but you would also get a taste of Japanese culture. Eventually, you will become one of the loyal patrons of these lovely cafes.

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