Cagayanime Ready To Make Waves In Cagayan De Oro

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Credits go to CDO Kintaku for the image

Credits go to CDO Kintaku for the image

Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines will be experiencing a brand new otaku expo thanks to CDO Kintaku and it’s called Cagayanime 2014! Asgard Anime takes a trip down to Wonder Land to chat up with CDO Kintaku’s Cheshire Cat to shed some 101 on this must-see event.

Asgard Anime: How was Cagayanime born?

Cheshire Cat: Cagayanime was born from passion, determination, dedication, and of course love for our hobbies. The event is dedicated to all of Cagayan de Oro’s cosplayers, otakus, fans and Japanese culture enthusiasts. The name itself was derived from the event Butuanime. We wanted to dedicate our event name to them and also creating this bridge of good will to our fellow cosplayers in Butuan City. In all honesty, while we were brain storming for the event, we had no idea what to name it! We didn’t want the name to be so simple or somewhat boring; we wanted something catchy that would perk up the interest here in Cagayan and that is how we gave birth to our upcoming event, Cagayanime!

AA: What are the highlights for this event?

CC: The highlights for Cagayanime 2014 would have to be the competition for Solo, Pair and Group Catagory! Not only did we create this event for the youth’s summer activities, but we also see this as a “training ground” for those competitors (especially for those who are still new to cosplay) who would compete for the upcoming Cosplay Tournament of Champions (TorCH) and Mindanao Cosplay Summit (MCS).

AA: Are there other activities planned for Cagayanime?

CC: Aside from cosplay competitions, we also have mini games for our audience! This would give our audience a chance to interact with fellow cosplayers during the event.

AA: What are CDO Kintaku’s hopes for Cagayanime?

CC: Our hopes for Cagayanime is that this event would grow bigger and brighter every year with the help of our fellow cosplayers. Cagayanime is not only for cosplayers to cosplay, but for other otakus to interact and befriend new people. Cagayanime for us is like a big meet and greet to everyone here in Cagayan de Oro! Of course, not only for our fellow Kagay-anons, but also for those people outside the city who wish to visit CDO and meet other CDO cosplayers, otakus, fans and Japanese culture enthusiasts.

AA: Here’s your chance to invite everyone to Cagayanime.

CC: HELLO, EVERYONE! We, from CDO Kintaku, would like to invite you to our event CAGAYANIME 2014 on April 26, 2014 at SM City Cagayan de Oro! PLEASE DO VISIT THE EVENT!!! We hope to see you there!!!!

Prepare your costumes, make-up kits, and accessories and head on down to the City of Golden Friendship for the highly awaited cosplay event of the year! For more information, head on down to the official Facebook event, Cagayanime 2014. Make reading a habit! Competition rules can be found here.


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