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Shoji as Euphie Ii Birtannia from Code Geass

Shoji as Euphie Ii Britannia from Code Geass

His name and his unbelievable works of art have graced Asgard Anime more than once and now, it’s his turn to be put under the spotlight. Glenn Palacio is more than just a photographer – his specialty lies under cosplay but whatever genre he covers, his burning passion for photography will always show in his magnificent photos. Learn more about Glenn Palacio in this special Asgard Anime interview!

Asgard Anime: What got you interested in photography?

Glenn Palacio: My father’s camera when I was 7. Sadly, it died in an accident. Don’t ask why.

AA: What initially attracted you to cosplay photography?

GP: I saw Culture Crash with the Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao cover. From that point on, I wanted to do cosplay photography. I have a copy [of that issue] myself!

"An afternoon tea"

“An afternoon tea”

AA: When you first started out in photography, did you get the results that you wanted to see?

GP: No. I hated myself because I didn’t get the image inside my head. But even now though, there is this voice that whispers after every shoot telling me that I should have done better. I know it’s annoying but at some point, I welcome and love it because that’s one way for me to improve.

AA: You’ve attended a cosplay photography seminar by renowned Filipino photographer, Jay Tablante. What important lesson did you learn from his seminar?

GP: It happened in DPP 7 at Bonifacio Global City. He gave out so many points but the main thing there was to express our imagination. Stay young, stay imaginative and geeks rule!

AA: Do you have a specific style of photography?

GP: I’m a strobist photographer. I carry around speedlights during my shoots (2 to 6 speed lights are inside my hard case sometimes). I love to play around with lights and modifiers. Adds more drama and mood to the image.

"It's a bit hot today"

“It’s a bit hot today”

AA: The equipment used for photography cost an arm and a leg. How do you get funds to add more tools of your trade?

GP: Photography is somewhat like cosplay where the cosplayers really spend for their costumes and other materials to get their characters done. In my case, I need the gear to have a better output. I get my funds from other photograph projects such as weddings and birthdays.

Shoji as Euphie Ii Britannia with Emmanuel Mulawan as Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass

Shoji as Euphie Ii Britannia with Emmanuel Mulawan as Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass

AA: Do you still remember your first cosplay photoshoot? When was it and do you remember how you first felt about it?

GP: I can’t remember my first cosplay shoot with all the work that is coming through my head right now, I can’t remember some things anymore. (laughs) But during cosplay shoots, I try to relax. Sometimes its not a commissioned advertising/commercial shoot where clients are breathing down your neck checking the quality of your images. Cosplay photography is fun, challenging and can satisfy your imagination of the character. Communication is key between the photographer and the cosplayer. Ideas must come together.

AA: Aside from cosplay, you have also done fashion photography. As a photographer with experiences on both types of photography, how do they differ from each other?

GP: Cosplay photography is much like fashion photography but it’s more complicated because the cosplayers have to and need to be in character. If being in character is required in cosplay competitions, it’s also the same call for cosplay shoots.

"Pciture Taking Time!"

“Picture Taking Time!”

AA: Does photography, regardless of its genre, ease an artistic grievance?

GP: I’m into photography because I don’t know how to draw. Digital art is okay but if you ask me to draw a circle using a pen and paper, I’d hardly get it right. That is why I pour out my best in photo shoots.

AA: What’s the best part of cosplay photography?

GP: It’s seeing the things that are only found in fantasy become a reality and capturing them in photos.

AA: Do you consider yourself an otaku?

GP: Yes… In a way. It toned down a bit but I’m quite picky with what I watch these days.

"Do you wanna die?"

“Do you wanna die?”


AA: What is your dream cosplay photography project?

GP: Definitely the Vision of Escaflowne (天空のエスカフローネ).

Here are more samples of Palacio’s cosplay photos:

Knaix-Ojou as Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier.

Knaix-Ojou as Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier.

Princess Chanah as Huang Lingyin from Infinite Stratos

Princess Chanah as Huang Lingyin from Infinite Stratos

Shoji as Tetsuya Kuroko from Kuroko no Basuke

Shoji as Tetsuya Kuroko from Kuroko no Basuke

Shoji as Tetsuya Kuroko from Kuroko no Basuke

Shoji as Tetsuya Kuroko from Kuroko no Basuke

For more information on shoots and photos, visit Palacio’s websites below:



Credits all go to Glenn Palacio and the cosplayers in the photos.

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